How to Book High-Ticket Dream Clients Easily


With this guide, you learn:


Perfect positioning.

It's really important to have you become your industry's go-to expert. That's why I explain how to help people see you as the expert you truly are. 

Irresistible pitching.

If you are pitching the wrong way, you are going to struggle to get clients. Learn how to make your offer & pitch so irresistible client's can't say no (without feeling sleazy). 

Daily success habits. 

The key is consistency. I show you the non-negotiable habits you need to practice every day to build the business of your dreams. 


A couple years ago I had a lot of clients, and not a lot of income. Then I created my own system that allowed me to sign on high-ticket clients.



No more 40+ hour weeks. 
No more low income months. 

The secret is in showing up like the expert you are, making your offer truly irresistible while staying authentic, & committing to daily habits for success.


I put everything I learned in this guide. I'm so excited to share it with you so you can land your dream clients! 


- Charity Deane

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